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As we get the urge to scan old photos, we can post a few of them here. This will be an ongoing project, so check back from time to time.

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Appalachian Trail Trip, September 1980

Back when they lived together in Tallahassee, Kathi and Sandy took a backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Armed with lofty intentions and little practical knowledge, since she couldn't Google stuff back then, Kathi was quite optimistic in her itinerary and far too generous with her food calculations. We ended up with 55-pound backpacks, enough Gorp to feed an army, and way more miles to cover each day than we could comfortably handle!

The highlight (?!?) of our trip was being chased by a bear as we left the overnight shelter and headed out toward Charlie's Bunion, a rock outcropping along the trail known for its a panoramic view. We couldn't figure out why the bear didn't just kill us and get it over with. It was obviously toying with us, but it followed a few yards behind us as we ran a mile to Charlie's Bunion, terrified that every breath would be our last.

We later heard there was a bear called The Mugger who hung out along that section of the trail and harassed hikers until they dropped their packs. That bear had a pretty sweet gig for himself: watch the hikers leave the shelter, assess the candidates, identify the easiest pickings, then swoop in for the grab. There we were, obviously overburdened with too many yummy treats and not terribly fast or strong! But we outran The Mugger, kept our packs, and lived to hike the trail again a few decades later, sans packs, sans bear, but with very cranky knees.

For photos of our second hike to Charlie's Bunion, visit Say cheeeeeeze! and look for Kathi's fall vacaton photos.


Kathi's relatives

Christmas, 1984

Summer, 1989

Uncle Harry at his farm, date unknown

Shelling peas, Late 1970s


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