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Home, Yard, and Garden Projects, Spring 2012

During our periods of springlike weather, Mike has been fencing in the orchard area and building gateways for the orchard and garden areas. Kathi gets the more mundane chores that require less strength, like planting, weeding, and fertilizing. But our yard projects are officially underway for the year! And we both agree we are entirely too old for this stuff!

We hope to plant fruit trees and berries in the orchard area this spring. And in the garden area, we moved the propane tank last fall. Then Mike dug out a big tree stump from the same area. It is now ready to fence and plant. Kathi hopes to kill the grass, add a stepping stone path, and plant some flowering shrubs.

Coldplay Concert

We saw Coldplay perform in the Rose Garden arena on April 24. Of course, they put on a terrific live performance. But the toys-and-lights show was an unexpected treat! They distributed a remote-controlled wristband to each attendee, which we thought was kinda lame and unattractive. Then when the lights went out in the arena and the band hit the stage, all our wrists started flashing in sequence with the music! It was a visual extravaganza with screens, lasers, strobes, bouncing balls, confetti explosions, and flashing, waving, cheering wrists!!! Coldplay knows we're all just big kids at heart!

To read about the wristbands and see some good photos and videos, click here.

Kathi's phone didn't capture the experience as eloquently:


Home, Yard, and Garden Projects, Winter 2012

Not much going on in the yard and garden so far this year. Kathi is ecstatic that she finally got around to disinfecting and storing the tomato cages, raking, and mulching the garden beds with leaves. These are traditionally October chores, but since she didn't make it into the garden until Memorial Day last year, she feels some small sense of accomplishment. (And she must not be working as much overtime this year--yay!)

So far we are working mostly on non-photogenic projects like reorganizing the basement, but we'll post photos as we do anything we want to show off!

Quick Before It Melts: Ode to a Rare and Fleeting Portland Snowfall

After much fretting about by local forecasters and a couple of imminent snowstorms that never materialized, we had one beautiful snowfall on a January morning. Kathi interrupted her work for a quick walk with Barkley, trying to enjoy the snow before it disappeared. We had the roads to ourselves, except for some deer. By the time we returned, we were under assault by snowclods falling out of trees as the meltdown began. After a week of eager anticipation, we had one hour to admire the snow before the rains recommenced.

Christmas in Montana

We spent Christmas 2011 with Mike's family in Montana, hoping in vain for new snow as the old snow melted around us. Snowman construction was a lost cause. But intrepid scouts searched the foothills to find enough lingering white stuff for our favorite outdoor activities, thus justifying continuing rounds of holiday culinary indulgences.

We spent an afternoon sledding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows with local friends. (We hauled snow over to the sledding hill to cover up the rocks.) The dutiful sons spent afternoons burning brush along the lake front while the rest of us roasted hot dogs and marshmallows and critiqued their work. Folks who were coordinated and energetic spent a day skiing at Blacktail Mountain. We resurrected the Gingerbread House Street of Dreams and attended another Christmas Eve program with the Gaiser family. And as always we enjoyed great food, rowdy gaming competitions, long walks in the woods, and catching up on what everyone has been up to over the past few months.

Many thanks to McKenzie for letting me "borrow" quite a few of these photos!

Sierra's art gallery and animal rescue resort

Whenever her hand isn't broken, Sierra has been painting pictures for her new rental house. She also designed her new sea turtle tattoo, rescued a bunny from someone's dinner table, and tried to get out in the sunshine on the occasional days it appeared.

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