News around the house: 2004 in a nutshell

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Mike wasted no time buying a tractor that's bigger than Robert's! Here he uses it to take out the trash, but he mostly likes to push dirt around in anticipation of building a pond

Mike built a bridge over one of the streams on our property. He hopes to build a small pond eventually.

Our deer introduced their new crop as soon as the green leaves appeared

Rains let up long enough to paint the exterior in the spring

Our first major purchase was a rug and a new leather couch set for the sunroom

We finally bought a comfortable guest bed!

We invested our income tax refund on our first real dining room table, expandable to seat 12

We settled on tile for the upstairs bathroom, and Mike finished the basics just in time for our first batch of visiting relatives. Sierra wanted a tropical seashore color scheme. She already had a lot of sea turtle decor, and we bought the towel hooks in St. Augustine at Christmas. Next on the list is to put up a wallpaper border with sea turtles...and maybe some yellow or green paint

Mike installed a woodstove in the basement to keep warm in his workshop, minimize heating bills upstairs, and occasionally "test" the smoke alarms throughout the house

One of the first additions to the basement was a foosball table. Kyle, Zac, Mary, and Sierra test it out at Thanksgiving, 2003

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