Spring and Winter, 2004

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Tulip festival

We visited the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in April to select new bulbs for the new yard. (We'll keep the bulbs in pots until that yard arrives.)

Sierra and Michelle frolic in the flowers

Mardi Gras

Steve and Lisa helped us celebrate Mike's birthday in February with a trip to New Orleans for a little Mardi Gras revelry. Collectively, we brought back about 80 pounds of parade beads and other trinkets that we distributed at our Open House party in August.

We proudly display our hardware from the Carrollton Krewe parade


We ushered in 2004 with the first heavy snowfall in seven years. That's probably our entire allotment for the next seven years, which is just fine with Mike.

That longago weekend in a rainstorm nailing shingles onto the roof was worth it (says Kathi, who did not set one foot up there)

The first thing Mike does is chop down the tree that blocks our access to satellite tv, while it is conveniently leaning away from the house under a layer of ice

We don't understand why Mike doesn't like snow...maybe because he doesn't have the week off from work and school

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