Summer, 2004

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Kathi's mother and several friends spent 3+ weeks touring the state in July and August. They embarked on an aggressive itinerary, which took them from Astoria in the northwest corner of Oregon to the redwoods in California, included stops at Crater Lake National Park and at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood, and allowed them to sample a large variety of northwest wineries. Their trip culminated with a weekend at our house and a crabbing trip at Netarts. The weather was less than hospitable, but a good time was enjoyed by all. Other highlights included fishing in Astoria and...(finally!) an Open House party to celebrate a year of living in the house.

Charlotte, Shirley, Chuck, and Jan explore Hug Point

Faye shows her friends why Hug Point is one of Kathi's favorite beaches in Oregon--caves, a waterfall, and an old carriage road that "hugs" a beachhead

Aptly named by Shirley, who took this delightful reminder of our crabbing trip: Fun Day at the Beach. Not exactly the beach attire Floridians expect, we keep warm with thoughts of an evening feast

Mike, Steve, and Lisa display their catch from one of several fishing trips to Astoria. Our freezers are bulging!


Kathi's Dad and stepmother came out to visit and see the new house. At the end of the month, we drove to Montana to spend a week visiting Mike's family. This was the first summer we all got together in several years, and we had a great time hiking, playing with the boats, and celebrating Don and Marilyn's 50th wedding anniversary.

Rounding up the troops for a lake outing

Captain Don runs a tight ship on the new party boat

The new tube boat wins the prize for the kids' favorite water toy. They can ride for hours, unlike most adults who get enough butt bruising within 5 minutes. Here, McKenzie, Maddie, and Sierra are raring to go....

Slinging around in circles and jumping wakes are strongly encouraged with thumbs-up signals. The rare request to slow down is signaled by bouncing overboard

While Ann and Kathi weed the beach, Bill and Mike install a handrail and additional steps along the trail

The kids love watching a family of robins that had built a nest on the deck

Kathi enjoys watching the momma bird feed the babies while she reads Cold Mountain on the deck

It is a rare treat to see a plate of ribs like this first attempt at cooking on Don's new grill. Maybe the book that came so highly recommended didn't specify when to take them off the grill

We celebrate birthdays for Don, Bill, and Christine (hey Maddie, your turn is in April)

Ann and Kathi are quite happy that Bill gave the buffalo skull he cleaned up to Don. It complements his other western decor

Christine shows off one of her birthday gifts

Joan, Joe, and Christine accompany us on a hike to Holland Falls

The end of the trail

Joe, Joan, and Christine take a rest to admire Holland Lake and the Mission Range

Same view, different wildlife

The kids quickly stake out their own rock

Joe and Christine venture down to the base of the falls

At night, we roast marshmallows over the portable fire pit on the beach

Maybe Sierra and Joe can enlighten us as to what they are doing here

Whatever their ailment, it does not seem to have infected McKenzie

After thoroughly impressing us all by riding the tube boat rodeo style, Bud Gaiser talks to Mike on the beach

Ann thinks she evaded all photos, but no such luck! Here she talks to Cathy Gaiser on the beach

Don takes some digital reenactments of photos from the 50s. Ann and Kathi like this photo of the siblings, despite what Bill thinks, so here it is

Joan grabs Mike in a chokehold hug, much like she did for a photo when they were preschool age (about 20 years ago...)

Cousin Rick drives up to visit for a day with his trusty dog Bear. We all remember Bear from the 2000 Missouri River trip when Rick pre-chewed Bear's food for him


Kathi's sister's family made their first trek to Oregon since 1997 to give their seal of approval to the new house and make sure various scenic landmarks were still in place. Mike took us all crabbing at Netarts, and Kathi and Sierra accompanied the Bell family to Mt. Hood and the Gorge.

Our first stop is the Mt. Hood area, where Sandy, Tanner, Tyler, and Robbie pose at Trillium Lake

Southern tourists always head straight for the snow

It's nice to be above the clouds for a change

We manage to fit in a few short hikes; this view of Sahale Falls took two attempts

Same view, different wildlife

A quick stop in the Gorge to see Multnomah Falls

Sierra and Sandy at Multnomah Falls

We are so proud of our calm, well behaved offspring

Sierra teaches Tyler to crab

While the people alternate between crabbing and lounging, the sunny weather alternates between "almost warm" and "a little chilly"

Our favorite view at Cape Kiwanda

This beach is famous for its dory fleet of boats that launch from shore, straight into the surf. Tyler and Tanner decided their dune hike (and slide back down) was pretty awesome

Back in downtown Portland, we tour the USS Blueback submarine

To offset the high temperatures, Tanner plays in the Salmon Street fountain along the waterfront

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