Fall, 2004

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Mike's parents and brother Bill's family helped us celebrate Thanksgiving in our new house.

Mike, Bill, and Don relax in the sunroom (surprisingly, the women were in the kitchen and unavailable for photos)

Don quizzes Maddie about her soccer season

Eerie signs indicate that Mike is feeling devilishly mischievous, despite that innocent expression

McKenzie must have tickled Mike one too many times. Lacking a Barbie doll, he tries to to look tough, but she isn't believing it

Randy and Kyle Lu carve their deep fried turkey while we all wait and wait and wait for the smoked turkey

The kids set themselves a colorful table. Maddie, you really must cut back on your gigantic portion sizes....

Astoria Trip

Mike and Kathi went to Astoria and southwest Washington in October for a quick getaway with friends Steve and Lisa.

We slosh to both the Cape Disappointment and North Head (shown) lighthouses at Ilwaco

Meandering back through rural Washington, we stumble upon the Gray's River Covered Bridge, built in 1905

Peeking through the floorboards reveals lots of salmon in the waters below

We find deer and waterfowl in a wildlife refuge near Skamokawa

The livestock on Puget Island is not quite what we expected

Lisa, Steve, and Mike try to stay warm on our ferry ride across the Columbia River

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