Tulips on the deck, April

All hail the heralds of spring in the northwest!

We are delighted to report numerous sightings of springtime, as flowers burst into bloom around us. At the risk of offending the powers that direct our weather patterns, or lack thereof, as the case may be, we think it's safe to report that we are having a spring this year. By the end of March, we had already seen more spring days than we saw during 2010 and 2011 combined! And that was despite several irritating semi-snowstorms that occurred well after we'd given up all hope for winter and packed away the snowclothes. April has so far been a fairly pleasant month as well, boasting more sunny weekend days than we had the endurance to fully exploit, yardwork-wise, without noticing a chorus of residual aches and pains. Perhaps we aren't as young as we were the last time we landscaped a yard....

Advancing age notwithstanding, the liberal sprinkling of sunny days has certainly inspired us to resume work on our vast array of neverending yard-improvement projects. Mike is setting up an orchard area and helping Kathi prepare the garden area for more landscaping. Kathi is busy with seasonal yard maintenance chores, garden preparation, and planning what to plant in the orchard and garden area when Mike is done.

Sierra is enrolled in what should be her final term at the community college, and will be 100% at University of Oregon in the fall. She's mostly counting the days until she's sitting on a beach in Florida, where we've scheduled a June vacation. She is definitely a sunny beach person at heart, forced by cruel parents and circumstance to endure the gray Oregon seasons.

We hope you're enjoying the rites of spring along with us--in a garden, on the road, in a fishing boat, at a baseball diamond, on a beach, or wherever you can best indulge your inner child during this time of renewal and rejuvenation!

Of special note...

Our thoughts and prayers remain with Theo and his family, as we mourn the passing of our dear Betty Sue. She was taken from us far too early, and we will deeply miss her smile, and her many, many thoughful and loving acts of kindness, for the rest of our lives.

Best wishes for May...

Happy Birthday, Tyler! Happy Anniversary, Randy and Lorna! Happy Birthday, Tanner! And Happy Mother's Day to all!

Best wishes for June...

Happy Birthday, (youngest) Tommy! Happy Birthday, Lynda! Happy Birthday, Vicky!

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